What’s The Tweet All About?

For those who like to stay abreast to what is really happening out there, Fast Company has been staple in my reading since it’s inception.  Although I had a paper subscription for many years, today I get the email updates that make it easiest to get me caught up in the attention circumvention mode while I stop to take a quick dip in their pool.  The latest is an article that I found facinating regarding a guy who has it all at Twitter and his decision to go out on his own and create something new and something BIG.  This Evolution of Origin that kept me reading till the end.

Facinating.  This is an article about Kevin Systrom and his company called Instagram.

I am a knowledge junkie that loves to devour the latest business news that directly pushed me into the ebs and flows between profit and not making profit, but at least it’s a legal addiction.  The success that people attain is a testament to guts, market timing and following you own ideas.

But that’s what makes Clay Anderson the guy he is.  Thanks for taking the time to read me.

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